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Гарантийный сертификат




Гарантийный талон №
No. U8 08 01 65170 001
Holder of Certificate: DYMSCO Co., Ltd.
                                         339-34, Daessangryong-ri. Chowot eup.
                                         Gwangju-si. Gyeonggi-do. 464-862
                                         REPUBLIC OF KOREA
Certification Mark:
Product:              Heating appliances, electrical
(Heating film)
The product was voluntarily tested according to the relevant safety requirements and mentioned properties. It can be marked with the certification mark shown above. The certification mark must nol be altered in any way. See also notes overleaf.
Test report no. CPSA0738027
Date. 2008-01-31 Page 1 of 2
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